Bar Music Hall

  • 0871 4263880
  • 134 Curtain Road
  • EC2A 3AR

Food and Drink

The food is unpretentious and good enough. Tuna steak, beetroot salad and chips was �8.50 which seems reasonable for the locale. Upmarket chickenburger with chips was about the same price.

The drink seems fairly standard bar stuff, I didn't really try much this time. Not much of a drinker me. They have that new bloody cider 'magellans?' that everyone seems to be drinking because of the adverts which I just found wierd.


Huge, cavernous, lots of different zones - a purple sofa zone, a black vinyl-cushioned bench zone, a restauranty plastic chairs zone... stretching for acres around the central bar.

It's accessible, level access and easy to manouver a wheelchair around - unless (as I suspect it may be at weekends) the place is crammed with people. You could fit an army of estate agents in here.


Fine - friendly staff, nice polite people everywhere. Not exactly exciting, but hardly offensive. In fact, the place is so huge, on a Tuesday evening it feels a bit... spread out. I wouldn't come here alone, I'd worry about getting lost in the wilderness.

The toilets are a sight to behold, however... like a scene out of Jacob's Ladder. As you walk in it feels like the sound of the flourescent bulbs is piercing your brain through your eyes.. everything is so... white! It's like following the light at the end of the tunnel and emerging into a big white tiled toilet. Borderline psychedelic experience.


Apparently there are DJs, apparently the music can be good. It's bound to be trendy, I doubt I'd come here for that reason, but I'm very picky and probably wouldn't be offended by whatever they play.


Fast free wifi access, open ports if you want to ssh out.

(Latitude: 51.526563 Longitude: -0.079999)
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