Adding New Pages

So You Want To Add A New Page

That's great! It's easy to do: use this form. You can also edit a page, and add the name of your new page in it somewhere [[Like This]]: after saving, it'll appear with a question mark link. Click the link and your new page is there ready to edit.

To make things easier for people to find, we've adopted a few conventions for naming and style.

However: don't worry if you don't know some of the information that pages typically include, such as a postcode. Write what you know, and somebody else will like as not fill in the rest. (You can say Fix Please if you like.)

Notes on Naming Pages

  • Many wikis use WikiNamesLikeThis. This is really UgLy. We have ones with spaces in instead.
  • Please try to make sure that the Wiki Names you choose are good when considered in isolation. East London Line is better than East London if you're talking about a Tube line, and Chinese Food is better than Chinese if you want a page to recommend your favourite Chinese restaurants.
  • Pubs, cinemas, restaurants, etc.: Name (locale) (e.g. Windsor Castle (Notting Hill)).
    • For pubs at least, we're leaving off any leading "The". Well, unless it looks completely stupid like that.
    • See our FAQ for more details
  • If you decide that you've incorrectly named a page by mistake, move the content to a new page with the correct name, and replace the contents of the current one with "delete". The OpenGuides software doesn't currently support deletion, but as soon as it does, this will let us swiftly track down pages to get rid of. Note - if you need to rename an existing page, you must update all the backlinks (pages pointing to it - click the page's title to see them) first, otherwise you will create a mess.
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