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Re: [grubstreet] License

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From: Alex McLintock
Subject: Re: [grubstreet] License
Date: 13:38 on 05 Jan 2003

The reason why I asked is that I want to produce a CD souvenir of London to 
be sold in shops all over town.
I want to charge people money for it in order to help pay the mortgage and 
my own colo machine and keep me out of the soup kitchens.

I briefly mentioned this in the pub but not in much detail.

The CD souvenir would contain photos of London as the bulk of the CD.
I can write descriptions of everything photographed and do everything 
myself if need be.
However it would be nice if I could include the grubstreet wiki database.

It looks to me initially that nothing in the license prevents me from 
putting a copy on a CD and selling the CD with other stuff of my own,
but I would obviously only want to do that with the team's permission and 
I want to contribute back to the team possibly in royalties, or helping to 
pay for Paul's colo box, assuming we make any money that is.

I'm investigating whether or not it is possible to put a Wiki on a CD, or 
whether a custom program needs to be written.

If anyone wants to discuss this in detail I can be at the pub 
meeting or email me.

Alex McLintock

Available for java/perl/C++/web development in London, UK or nearby. Apache 
FOP, Cocoon,
Turbine, Struts,XSL:FO, XML, Tomcat, First meeting free.

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