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Re: [grubstreet] License

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From: Earle Martin
Subject: Re: [grubstreet] License
Date: 03:22 on 05 Jan 2003
I've thought about this before:

My opinion remains essentially the same, but I'm more inclined now to use
the Creative Commons Attribution License instead, because it's mroe
accessible to your average person (and because we can embed a link to the
license in every page using RDF).
> The only thing I can see is that it is "Open Source" which doesn't really 
> imply anything to me.

That was actually the first tagline for the site off the top of my head, and
I'd like to take this chance to "formally" (inasmuch as all the usual
suspects are here on the list) propose something: "Open Source" is also not
something that means much to Joe and Jane Average. I move that the slogan be
modified to "The free guide to London", as in beer and speech. I can write a
page to explain that if need be.

lean rat emir

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