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Re: [grubstreet] Ivor's search script

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From: Earle Martin
Subject: Re: [grubstreet] Ivor's search script
Date: 18:04 on 29 Oct 2002
<aol />

> *Rendering* the summary would be absolutely ace

As in the wiki markup? Personally, I'd quite like to see all the markup
stripped out from the search results, which would be an easy matter of
removing [[ and ]]'s, ==='s and so on, and using an existing module to strip
out HTML (TokeParser or something like that, I guess).

Another comment - Ivor, some of the editing history data seems to be showing
up. See the second result for a search for 'admins' as an example.

> In other news, I gave up on hacking usemod because the code hurts my brane:

You showed this to me the other day but I didn't comment as I was wrapped up
in a bunch of other stuff... I have to admit that it's a little over my
head. This is a wiki engine, then?


irate rna mel

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