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Re: [grubstreet] Ivor's search script

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From: Kate L Pugh
Subject: Re: [grubstreet] Ivor's search script
Date: 20:06 on 29 Oct 2002
On Tue 29 Oct 2002, Earle Martin <> wrote:
> As in the wiki markup? Personally, I'd quite like to see all the
> markup stripped out from the search results, [...]

Oh, OK, well, yeah, if you like.  Send Ivor a patch :)  Personally
I like the idea of having it rendered.  I'll come back to this once
I've heard from chromatic.

>> In other news, I gave up on hacking usemod because the code hurts my brane:
> You showed this to me the other day but I didn't comment as I was wrapped up
> in a bunch of other stuff... I have to admit that it's a little over my
> head. This is a wiki engine, then?

It's a set of tools for writing wikis.  I thought I would make a
wheel-making machine rather than a wheel.  It uses Text::WikiFormat, so
it can only handle very basic Wiki formatting at the moment.  It's got
a choice of MySQL and Postgres backends - I went with databases so I
could use fulltext searching with stemming instead of simple matching,
but it should be easy enough to add classes to use any kind of backend
storage.  I'm thinking along the lines of adding support for the
usemod file store at some point, and also extending Text::WikiFormat
to be able to do usemod style.  Then we're well on the way to be able
to move grubstreet to a clean, extensible codebase without requiring
any change in data - and back again, if we really wanted to.

Check out the macro support; I stole the idea from moinmoin and I
think it's pretty cool.


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