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* The [[Liberty Bounds]]
* The [[Hung Drawn and Quatered]]
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Zone 1 Station / Journey Planner

Lines Served

Circle Line: clockwise <--- Monument <--- Tower Hill ---> Aldgate ---> anticlockwise
District Line: west ---> Aldgate East ---> east

Terminating trains

Note that Tower Hill is a terminus for some eastbound District Line trains, and there is a central (westbound) platform where these trains are turned around.

If your train is terminating and you want to carry on your eastbound journey beyond Tower Hill, you are probably better off changing at Monument station.

During peak hours, the empty westbound trains are useful for getting a seat.


Note: the ticket barriers on this station form a one way system. The exit brings you out onto the corner of Coopers Row and Trinity Place, and the entrance is down some steps facing this.


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