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When I went the door was propped open, and an arctic gale was whistling across the food, leaving half of it stone cold. I felt nauseous by the time I'd finished eating, and felt ill all the next day as well. Avoid. --[[Ru]]
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One of the chain of Chinese vegan buffet restaurants, this one is just down from Soho Square - weird but yummy. They do rather good fake meat dishes as well as vegetable and tofu ones. It's all-you-can-eat, and costs �5 at lunchtimes and �6 otherwise, or you can get a takeaway box full of whatever you choose for �3. The food's not at all bad for stuff that's hanging around being kept warm. They won't serve you tap water; you have to buy mineral water. They also do beer, but this isn't mentioned on the menu.

I've had ocasional very bad experiences with the food here - Dodo.

What kind of bad experiences? Actually, I wouldn't eat the prawn-cracker-a-likes here; I peeked into the storage room downstairs while I was waiting for the ladies' and saw a dirty plastic crate full of them with another dirty crate balanced on top. --Kake

One time they'd carefully burnt the noodles, you filled your plate up, took one bite, and had a horrid smoky flavour on your palate. Couldn't eat anything else - and it was happening to everyone. Had a couple of feeling ill incidents as well - could just be the sheer amount of deep fat frying! Circumstantial evidence implies the one in Knightsbridge is better. - Dodo

Yes, the one in Knightsbridge is good, though I've not tried the buffet there, just the a la carte in the evening. Website at - will write it a page of its own at some point. --Kake

The London Vegans website says that the Knightsbridge one has closed now. There is a new one opposite Angel Station though. There is also one on Leather Lane in Clerkenwell. --Kake

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