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This pub is pretty nice - inside is much shinier than outside. Downstairs there are loads of little cubby-holes with tables and benches (which I've never actually sat in, but I keep meaning to). The booths are bookable, which is expecially useful if you wish to bring along a group to the Tuesday quiz night - 8pm start, �2 entry, winner takes all the money, second place wins a meal for two and best team name wins a bottle of wine.

Decor is mixed - a hefty dollop of New Trendy Pub with plenty of Art Deco-esque stuff as well. It works better than you would expect.

Food is pricey (�6 - �10 for mains, �4/5 for snackier meals) but fairly good - towards the upper end of pub food, I would guess.

There are usually three or so real ales on tap, and there's also draught Hoegaarden and Leffe. They also sometimes have Staropramen Granat (the dark version) and Fruli. Beer, again, is not so cheap - about �2.80 a pint (and the Belgian ones probably more than that). I don't think it's more expensive than t'other pubs around there, though.

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