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If you arrive on the eastbound platform during 2004 you will find that the stairs will be in the middle of the platform taking you onto an overbridge to the westbound platform at certain times of the day at others you will find the normal down stairs to be the exit. This is because of an escalator replacement. During 2005 the westbound escalator will be replaced and the diversions will be reversed.

Sloane Square is the only District Line station with an escalator between the platform and street level. When the westbound escalator is being replaced it may be easier to travel to South Kensington cross the platform there and return to the eastbound platform to exit at Sloane Square.

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Lines Served

west <--- South Kensington <--- Sloane Square ---> Victoria ---> east

Where To Get On

  • The entrances to the platforms are towards the drivers end of the west bound line, and the rear of the eastbound. The platforms are emptiest at either the opposite end to the entrance - thats probably the best place to get on, although you will have to fight to get there if the platform is crowded.

Where To Alight

  • Westbound - 1 or 2 carriages before the front of the train
  • Eastbound - 1 or 2 carriages just before the end of the train

If the escalators are full, and you don't walking up stairs, you can get to some non-moving stairs just beside each of the escalators - they're the entrance to the platform so there may be people walking against you.


  • Treats: snacks and stuff, halfway down the westbound platform


At the Western end of the platform is a huge pipe running diagonally across the ceiling. This is the conduited River Westbourne, on its way from the Serpentine to the River Thames. See Lost Rivers for more on this.

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