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The content of this site is made available to you largely under the terms of a Creative Commons license, the Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 License. The two conditions of this license are as follows. Please note that there are some minor exceptions, which are explained below.


The content of this Guide may be reproduced freely as long as it is credited to "The Open Guide to London", preferably with a hyperlink.


The content of this guide may be reproduced freely as long it is offered to readers under the exact same license.

By submitting material you agree to the "author" of the material in future attributions being "The Open Guide to London", a term referring to the Guide itself and all contributing authors.


Clearly attributed quotes from other sources should be fine, as long as they are of "reasonable" length. British law allows usage of small amounts of material as "fair dealing".

If you wish to add a photograph or other illustration to a page, you must have the permission of the copyright owner to do so. If you have this permission, please label the image clearly that it is copyrighted material, with the name of the copyright holder and preferably a hyperlink to them.

Copyrighted materials such as photographs are not covered by the terms of our license, and as such may not be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.


At present, the Attribution-ShareAlike license is incompatible with the GNU Free Documentation License, which means that you can't copy and paste content from Wikipedia. This situation may change in the near future, but for the time being please do not copy anything here from Wikipedia or other sites using the GFDL. There is a good article about why the Attribution-ShareAlike license is more appropriate than the GFDL at Wikitravel.org.


If you want to discuss licensing issues, please do so on the OpenGuides-Dev mailing list.

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