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HTML testing:

<b>bold</b> <i>italic</i> <u>underline</u> <font face="Times New Roman, Times" size="+1">font</a> <big>big</big> <small>small</small> <sub>sub</sub> <sup>sup</sup> <h1>h1</h1> <h2>h2</h2> <h3>h3</h3> <h4>h4</h4> <h5>h5</h5> <h6>h6</h6> <cite>cite</cite> <code>code</code> <em>em</em> <strike>strike</strike> <strong>strong</strong> <tt>tt</tt> <div style="font-style:italic">div</di> <center>center</center> <blockquote>blockquote</blockquote> <ol><li>ol, li</li></ol> <ul><li>ul, li</li></ul> <dl><dt>dl, dt</dt><dd>dl,dd</dd></dl> <table border="1"><tr><th>table tr th</th></tr><tr><td>table tr td</td></tr></table><br><p>p</p><hr>

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