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Practice entering text and so on here. (Use the "Edit this page" link)

Yeah baby

This is a great way to update your Internet Site without the use of a Ftp client .

Love London, have some great ideas for the site


HTML testing:

bold Hello Would you like to exchange a link, with my ultramarine page ? just add your site here : http://www.nigritude-ultramarine-1.com/nigritude-ultramarine-links/add.php

Regards TEST



font face="Times New Roman, Times" size=+2

a href

<big>big</big> http://www.nigritude-ultramarine-1.com

small: small

sub: sub

sup: sup
















blockquote blockquote


  • ol, li
  • </ol>

    • ul, li

    dl, dt

    This is above the table

    table tr th
    table tr td
    This is below the table


    Dummy foo change (to test version history)

    I don't want to write anything boring, but I can't think of anything interesting. Here is a link to google. Here is a debating club in London .

    Here, also, is an edit test.

    How do lists work these days? This:

    • foo
    • bar

    Hello everyone, i wonder if this will work.

    doesn't seem to work when it used to.

    Except it does on here. Blast. Maybe this version isn't so new.

    Test, test


    Notice to all users telephone numbers in London should be written 020 7xxx xxxx or 020 8xxx xxxx

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