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Stratford in London is not "Stratford On Avon", the birthplace of Shakespeare, but rather an area east of the City of London. Stratford is part of the London Borough of Newham. You are likely to pass through it on the Stratford Station interchange which is being extended as a stop on the new cross London rail link ([Cross Rail]?)and the high-speed Channel Tunnel rail link. (Most of the new rail links are being built underground).

This regeneration of Stratford will get a big boost with the 2012 London Olympics, most of which will take place here. http://olympics.newham.gov.uk

The well-known Stratford Shopping Centre, just outside the station, boasts a grocery market and the 'In Shops', which is within a selected area of the mall. The 'In Shops' are selection of shops that include music, telephone clothes and food shops. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the market directly outside the Mall is also open to the public. In addition there are a variety of stores, banks, and chain eateries on the wide high street. It has a relaxing atmosphere and provides a high quality centre.

The library in Stratford has been newly built and as a result provides a wider and better selection of services and resources.

Stratford has an entertainment area, which includes the Stratford Picture House cinema, the Theatre Royal and the Stratford Circus. These performance venues provide plays, special performances, music events amongst other events. This is a showcase of the local growing talent as well as national events and performances.

in terms of eateries there are a few cheap pubs, including Goldengrove (a Wetherspoons) and The Goose on Broadway, as well as local restaurants ans cafes. This is in addition to the well-known places such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Pizza Express and Nandos. There is bound to be something for everyone.

Stratford also provides a decent night time entertainment for all. The 'Stratford Rex' holds several concerts throughout the year to famous urban and reggae artists. The 'Rex Bar' has seen the likes of Usher, Kelis, Sean Paul and other mainstream artists within the past year choosing The 'Rex Bar' to promote their cause. The 'Latin Quarter'club is a nice combination of bar and club as is the highly recommended 'Fox's'.

There is a Computer Fair every Saturday and Sunday at the sports centre just across the tracks from the station.

AlexMcLintock - I'd write more but everyone I know who lived in Stratford moved out. Aegidian - Fortunately a number of other people moved in!

[?????] It may not be Chelsea but this is a rapidly growing area, which has everything you need within a near proximity of each other. I would recommend it everyone as there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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