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* [[Local Government]] authority: [[London Borough of Camden]] [[City of Westminster]]
* [[Local Government]] authority: [[London Borough of Camden]]
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* [ The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association]
* [ The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association]

Fitzrovia is the name given to the area bounded by Oxford Street, Great Portland Street, Euston Road and Gower Street. The area gained its name in the 1930s, when people began using "Fitzrovia" to describe an area characterised by the gatherings of writers and other talented individuals at the Fitzroy Tavern. The word was used in print for the first time by Tom Driberg, an MP, in the "William Hickey" column of the Daily Express, in 1940, and is now the official designation for this part of Camden.

Fitzrovia's most notable landmark is the Telecom Tower.


Neighbouring locales: Bloomsbury / Soho

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