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Homebrewing is one of those hobbies that can be incredibly simple (pour in kit, water and add yeast) all the way through to insanely complex (grow and malt your own barley, hops and then mash from scratch) with everything in between. It's incredibly satisfying to gradually learn the skills while producing delicious, cheap beer.

A good place to start would be to pop into a homebrew shop and pick up a fermentation bucket, bottle capper, caps and a couple of kits. Collect re-usable bottles (thick-walled, proper lip on the bottle) by drinking good quality bottle-conditioned real ales.

An excellent book for beginners and experts alike is Graham Wheeler's Home Brewing.

London water

Water is critical to brewing. London's domestic water supply is high in lime and otherwise quite soft, and is treated with chloramine. Classic brewing waters tend to contain higher amounts of minerals. Some homebrewers add these salts to "Burtonise" the water.

The simplest water treatment, recommended for all London brewers, is to open boil all your water to ensure sterility and drive off some of the chloramine.

Homebrew shops in London

Mail order homebrew shops

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