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Zone 3 Station / Streetmap Link / Journey Planner

Lines Served

District Line: Ealing Broadway ---> Ealing Common ---> east
Central Line: Ealing Broadway ---> West Acton ---> east

Mainline Trains
All Eastbound trains stop at Paddington Station (final destination). Westbound serve West London stations (Hayes and Greenford lines) as well as out to Reading (including Slough and other places on the way). This is the same line as that going out to the west of the country, but longer distance trains do not stop at Ealing Broadway - preferring Paddington as the terminal.

Where To Alight

  • Central Line - First (driver's end) carriage
  • District Line - End of first, beginning of second carriage (This gives you the least distance to walk from each of the 3 district line platforms)

Where To Get On

  • Central Line - Just after the covered section (towards the front of the train). It's just over half way down the train giving you the best chance of getting off somewhere near your exit, and people can't be bothered to walk that far, especially as it may expose them to rain.
  • District Line - Just after the covered section (for the same reasons as above). However, wait for your train (if there are none in the station) on the bridge, as the platform indicators often lie, and you can see which platform new trains are coming into and get to it without having to walk up and down stairs (the bridge is accessible with only 3 steps to go down if you turn left immediately after the barriers)



  • WH Smiths - fairly good branch
  • Sandwich shop - fresh packaged sandwiches made on site, and good cakes for quite cheap.

On the platform

  • Flying Coffee Bean - alright, cheapish espresso/etc bar. Does reward cards and cakes.
  • Chips and Dips - serves chips...with dips. Also does ice cream.
  • Sandwich shop - does sandwiches and drinks. Quite nice.
  • Snack shop - A newsagents without papers or magazines. Their coffee is nasty and from a machine.

NB: All the platforms have quite wide staircases down to them (only 20 or so steps). No lifts. All above ground.

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