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summary='Pub next to Liverpool Street station'

This pub is themed on one Nathaniel Bentley - an eccentric who refused to wash following the death of his wife to be.


The pub is on 3 floors: ground floor, cellar bar and first floor bar. The upstairs bar becomes a restaurant at lunch times. The cellar bar is often closed.

The toilets are on the ground floor at the back, and accessible from an alley way without going through the pub.


The ground floor is a spit & sawdust vertical drinking area - though there is some seating. The upstairs bar has plenty of seating, and offers a non-smoking area to the rear.

The pub is wooden decor spit & sawdust throughout.


This pub is notable for having Waggledance available all year round. Also, Double Chocolate Stout is available on draught at the time of writing this (April 2004).


Food is only available lunch times, not evenings.

Function Room

Both the upstairs bar and the cellar bar are bookable.



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