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Category: Locale:
  1. 93 Feet East
  2. Bar Music Hall
  3. Basement Coffee Shop, EC2A 4HJ
  4. Camden Lock Books
  5. Cantaloupe, EC2A 3PD
  6. Carducci Shoe Company, EC2M 7PN
  7. Cocomo, EC1V 9LE
  8. Coffee@, E1 6RU
  9. Designer Sale UK
  10. Foundry, EC2A 3JL
  11. Furnace, N1 6PE
  12. Golden Heart, E1 6LZ
  13. Ktchn, EC2A 3PD
  14. Liquid Lab, EC1Y 2AJ
  15. Nincomsoup, EC1Y 1BE
  16. Pride Of Spitalfields, E1 5LJ
  17. Secret Sample Sale
  18. Shoreditch Station
  19. Spitalfields Market
  20. State51
  21. Tas Firin, E2 6DG
  22. The Square Pie Company, E1 6AA
  23. Viet Hoa, E2 8DP
  24. Walks And Rides Through London's Historic Parks And Gardens

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