Index of Locale Covent Garden (view on a map)

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  1. Belgo
  2. Bullet Cafe @ Snow And Rock
  3. Coffee, Cake and Kink
  4. Cork And Bottle Wine Bar, WC2H 7AN
  5. Covent Garden Market
  6. Covent Garden Station
  7. Da Mario, WC2H 9AJ
  8. Denim, WC2H 9EA
  9. Designer Sandwiches, WC2H 9RE
  10. Forbidden Planet
  11. Gili Gulu, WC2H 9EP
  12. London Transport Museum
  13. Maple Leaf, WC2E 7LJ
  14. Med Kitchen, WC2N 4EA
  15. Mon Plaisir, WC2H 9DD
  16. Neal Street
  17. Porterhouse (Covent Garden)
  18. Porterhouse Covent Garden, WC2E 7NA
  19. Round Table, WC2N 4AL
  20. Stanfords, WC2E 9LP
  21. Sun Tavern, WC2E 9JH
  22. The Tea House, WC2H 9PU
  23. Walkabout

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