Wiki Discussion/Target Audiences And Content

  • We also need to think about target audiences and how we want to arrange the content. I have a copy of "Alternative London" at home from circa 1973 which has provided some inspiration. Here are some ideas: (revised 15/2/2 -IvorW)
  • Things to do during the day. Museums, Art galleries, Walks, Tours.
  • Things to do at night. Cinema, Theatres, Music venues, Clubs.
  • Being a student in London. (I was once - IvorW). Universities and colleges. Student union facilities. Discounts.
  • Finding somewhere to live in London. Links to flatshare lists on the web.
  • Living on a budget. How to have a good night out without breaking the bank. How to feed yourself cheaply. LETS groups operating in London.
  • * This is great. --Earle
  • * See Category Cheap Food for a start. --Kake
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