Whitgift Centre, Croydon

Nearest Tram Stop: [George Street]?, [West Croydon]? or [Wellesley Road]?, depending which bit of the Centre you want.

Terrifying, enormous shopping centre in Croydon. Very easy to get lost in. There's an Allders, an M&S (with a food hall hidden away on the first floor), a Sainsbury's Central, a Boots, a Waterstones, and lots and lots of other shops that all merged together as "shops Kake isn't interested in".

Has 7,000 parking spaces apparently. Having seen the back of it while whooshing past on the [468 bus]? I can believe it.

Right next to [Centrale]?, an equally large and scary shopping centre.

The food hall in the M&S is upstairs (IIRC), but its definetly there. There is also a 'french' restaurant up several elevators/stairs in the middle which sells some belgium beers. There is a Microanvika hidden near the back. I think Centrale is the shopping centre opposite, but its definetly not as big as the Whitgift. Occasionally there are things like a french market in the street between the two -- Greg

OS X co-ord: 532300     OS Y co-ord: 165800     (Latitude: 51.375322 Longitude: -0.098933)
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