Wheatsheaf, W5 2HZ


A full range of Fuller's Ales, including bottles, Stella, Carlsberg, Strongbow, Hardy's Wine. Mulled wine in the Christmas season.


A good menu of "new" pub food - Standard beef and ale pies and fish and chips, through to "italian style" salads, curry's and oriental food.

Also a good selection of sandwiches (although they tend to be on the "steak" or "whole chicken breast" end, rather than "ham and cheese") and ploughmans.

Prices are good, with sandwiches starting at �3 and mains starting at �5.

Service and Ambience

Service is good, but depends very much on how long the bar staff have been around - they seem to have quite a high turnover.

The front of the pub is wood panelled and feels quite cosy, but the rest of the pub is quite open and feels very empty when it not many people are around.

When they have music (sunday nights, live blues/country/folk) they perform at the back of the pub, and at a volume where you can still talk quite happily in the rest of the pub. The music varies wildly but is generally pretty good.


3 rooms:

1 Main room - has the bar in. Fairly big with tables on the left, bar on the right. A booth-like bit on the right on the front wall when you come in.

2 Back room - through a large archway and up a couple of stairs to an open tile floored back room. Larger tables and chairs. Lots of room. I think there's a fireplace back here as well. This is where music happens, when it does.

3 Side rooom - quite cluttered small room to the right when you walk in. Fireplace at the back, and an extension of the bar.


Ladies and Gents to the back of the pub, up the steps into the back room. No bad reports.

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It seems that this used to be one of alt.fan.pratchetts meeting spots in the mid-late 90s...not sure if that's a good or bad thing -- [Billy]

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