Tokyo Diner

  • 2 Newport Place, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7JJ (map of this place)
  • WC2H 7JJ
  • "noon till midnight 365 days"

The Tokyo Diner is perfectly described by its name. If it weren't for all the gaijin (I think you mean Londoners), it would fit perfectly in Tokyo with the electric thump-handle door and small floor space.

And just like in Japan, as they clearly state on the bill, they don't take tips.

The food is fine, and quite cheap for London, although it's cheaper in Tokyo. As an idea of the price, I recently visited with a friend and the bill came to £22 between us.

An anonymous visitor tells us that they recently (April 2003) "got a nasty case of food poisoning here".

Visited recently (Aug 2003), and found the selection for vegetarians wasn't brilliant, but there were options available, and they did explicitly acknowledge the existence of vegetarians in the menu.

The tea is free. You get the bill with your main course, and pay at the counter by the entrance when you're finished.

It's busy at lunchtimes but usually seems to have a small table free. There's a special (cheaper, as if it wasn't cheap enough already) lunch menu.

OS X co-ord: 529901     OS Y co-ord: 180881     (Latitude: 51.511421 Longitude: -0.127849)
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