Tesco, E11 1HT

This large 24-hour branch of [Tesco]? is Leytonstone's major source of food, and a Godsend when you need pharmacy-type stuff at 3am (although actual medicines are only dispensed from 9am to 8pm or thereabouts). Departments include the usual groceries, the pharmacy, electronics, music and video and clothing.

Stop by at around 8:30 in the evening and get some discount bread when the bakery marks down all the day's remaining freshly-baked stuff. Facilities include one of those Tesco cafe things (I never tried the food, but it's handy for taking the weight off your feet after shopping) and lavatories.

Trivia: the pharmacy is built out of what was once a Victorian school hall.

Watch out for the crossing of Lemna Road with Gainsborough Road outside, which is fairly nasty.

OS X co-ord: 539500     OS Y co-ord: 187500     (Latitude: 51.568617 Longitude: 0.013028)
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