Swimming Pool Covers

Pool covers are typically attached or set all winter season, hooked by bungee cords to the pool deck or set up with water bags along the side to support the cover. Swimming pool covers can reduce the cost of pool heating, and reduce the amount of chemicals such as chlorine needed by the pool. The cover can decrease the total amount of solar heat absorbed by the pool, it can also eliminate heat loss because of evaporation and reduces heat loss during the night by its insulation.

A pool cover can be automatically, semi-automatically or manually operated. For manual covers, commonly folded and stored in a convenient location if not in use. Reels can also be used for easier set up and roll up out of the place. Semi-automatic pool covers has a motor powered reel system that uses electrical power in rolling and unrolling of the cover but usually a guide by a person is needed when rolling up the cover. and it is sometimes built on the deck of the swimming pool or even on carts. For automatic cover, it has permanent mounted wheels on the pool for automatically covering and uncovering of the pool at a push of a button. It is the most convenient way of covering your swimming pool, and also the most expensive option.

Some of the covers fit along the tracks of the pool to prevent anything from getting into the pool. They can also hold the weight of several people.

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