Skoob Books

  • (020) 7278 8760
  • 10 Brunswick Centre, off Bernard Street, WC1N 1AE
  • WC1N 1AE

Skoob: secondhand bookshop in estoric stuff.

For many years this strange secondhand bookshop was conveniently next door to the [PC Bookshop]? allowing the computer geek to expand their horizons and lighten their wallet.

It wasn't particularly cheap but the quality of the stock was extremely high and wide with serious fiction, academic books and a large estoric section.

There was even a Skoob press which published books about Crowley.

The bookshop has moved near Euston. Maybe someone should visit and update this entry?

I wandered in there in early 2002 and it seems to still fit the description above. I bought a Penguin book on 18th-century London for I think 4 quid. --Kake

They've got a pretty good number of ancient technical books (the leather bound hardback kind with hand-drawn illustrations of outdated models of that atom!) at the back, but they're still pricier than the technical sections of second hand bookshops in Rochester, most technical tomes were going for UKP 12-19. A fair range of sci fi, and a broad range of videos and DVDs, which nobody else has mentioned! - Alaric

Skoob Books is great for tech/ ORA/ computer books - usually at between a third and a quarter (!) of the original price, with some great 'old' books too. Ask for the 20% off for cash discount


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