Red Fort

  • 020 7437 2525
  • 020 7434 0721
  • 77 Dean Street
  • W1D 3SH
  • Mon-Fri 12.00-2.30pm; Mon-Sat 5.45pm-11.30pm

The Red Fort, on Dean Street, Soho, seems to attract very mixed reviews. People either love it or loathe it, and when they loathe it it's the service that they loathe. EVERYONE likes the food. Personally, I found the service to be good. The staff were attentive without being pushy. But then, this was late on a Thursday in mid-January and they weren't busy.

The menu is not large, but has a great deal of variety. None of it is the standard stuff you get in tin foil cartons from your local Taj Mahal. Instead they have things like spiced and smoked monkfish, or salmon with ginger and garlic, or lobster with black pepper. And that's just the starters. Main courses include odd fishes, and some seasonal dishes such as venison in winter.

At first glance, vegetarians fare poorly, but the vegetables that would normally be side dishes come in large portions and make good main courses in their own right.

The wine list is both extensive and expensive - we paid thirty pounds a bottle for a good Valpolicella - and would be improved by having at least some basic tasting notes. As it is, just the grape and the region are listed.

While we ate à la carte, they also do set menus for pre-theatre bookings and lunch.

In the basement is some kind of loud nightclub. While we couldn't hear it from the restaurant, you can hear it in the toilets which are also in the basement. You might also be able to hear it if seated near the front of the restaurant, as both share a common entrance. This would be unfortunate.

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