Pub Page Template

This is a suggested template for laying out pages about pubs. The information on this page is not true; I made it up by copying bits from various real pubs. Please feel free to modify it and/or make suggestions.

Template begins.


(use the form fields, don't paste this into the body of your content)

(Use the text below as a template for the content textbox)


What beers they have, rough ideas of prices, etc.


Examples of menu items with prices, what times food is served, how good the vegetarian/vegan choice is, etc, whether the food is interesting or boring, well-cooked or just bunged in the microwave.

Service and Ambience

How busy/noisy/smoky it gets, how diligent the staff are about clearing glasses and wiping tables, etc.


How many different rooms there are, etc. What kind of seating.


Where and how clean the toilets are, is there a public phone, can you book rooms, etc.

Other Reviews

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