Pret A Manger

Don't go to Pret a Manger. They're bad and wrong, 1/3 owned by Maccy D's (not that I have anything against Maccy D's personally, they do what they say on the tin, but Pret claim to be good and wholesome and enviromentally friendly whilst having sold their soul) and their sandwiches are flavourless goop, over seasoned (ROCKET DOES NOT GO WITH EVERYTHING) and then forced into a cardboard box and chilled beyond redemption. They make their staff wear stupid bandanas round their necks and these irritating baseball caps and they over charge. And their sushi is crap; the veggie sushi at least is overchilled like everything else, and (currently) has gari in the red pepper maki, which is just wrong (although they do keep changing the recipe).

One of their sandwiches (as of July 2004) has a label on it saying "now with less mayo".

They do however do a vegan hummous and salad sandwich which is actually marked as vegan, and isn't bad once you let it warm up a little after taking it from the over-enthusiastic fridges. And they do nice "vegetable crisps" for not too much money.

On the other hand: there are a lot of places that you could eat that are badder and wronger. Pret isn't the worst place you could eat.

Someone at the University of St. Andrews writes...

--To whoever has written the above review, you seem to end with rather mixed feelings. Pret is a sandwich chain that makes everything preservative/chemical free and gives left overs to charity. Taste might not always be what you're used to because of this, but most stuff is inventive and alright in my opinion. For a ready-made sandwich, Pret's are pretty good.

--I think the person who wrote this review needs to concentrate on their use of the English language before they try to criticise Pret!

Tip to the previous editor: this site records every move you make. Changing someone's spelling to make them look stupid is a pretty stupid thing to do itself, and does not lend credence to your comments.

For what it's worth, I agree with the original editor in that Pret's sandwiches are tasteless, overchilled crap. In addition to that, their shops are ugly and put me off even going inside in the first place; and they think they're the be-all and end-all of cool (see above, again), when they're not. Oh, and did I mention the overpricing? -- Earle

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