aka rickshaws, cycle taxis, trishaws

Pedicabs have been operating in central London for a few years; you see them most often around the West End. Quite often there'll be a few waiting around for customers at the entrance to Leicester Square and Covent Garden opposite the Tube station. Remember, you should ALWAYS agree a price before taking a ride.

Earle writes: I asked one of their drivers, on a whim, what it would cost to take me to where I live (Notting Hill Gate) from there and he told me it would be �20. Quite steep. Still, pootling along in a pedicab might be fun if you're feeling flush.

There are around five to ten companies operating pedicabs in London, the original being Bugbugs Ltd who started in 1998. Between them there are 200 or so pedicabs in use.

Someone from Eco Chariots writes... Eco Chariots' prices start at �3 per person. Some riders/companies are more reasonably priced than others; Chariot riders use a pricing guide for fairness and consistency and will agree a price at the beginning of the ride.

Chariot can and have been booked on an hourly basis for a whole variety of event from weddings to treasure hunts and of course they are the transport of choice for hen/stag nights and birthday parties. The chariots are also available to be sponsored and/or used to advertise a product or service or promote a message. So if you have something in mind and you want to be noticed, e-mail

If you had fun, which you will, don't forget to tip the rider!

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