Passport Office

  • 08705 210 410
  • London Passport Office, Globe House, 89 Ecclestone Square, Victoria (map of this place)
  • SW1V 1PN
  • 8:45am -

The London office for the UK Passport Service is located near Victoria Station. This is the place that you need to visit in order to get fast track service passport services.

Passport Renewals

(Information as of January 2005) Firstly you need to organise an appointment by calling 0870 521 0410. The appointments start at 9.15 and occur every half hour from then. The procedure is as follows for a simple renewal:

  1. Turn up close to your appointment time
  2. Wait in a queue until your appointment time appears
  3. File through a metal detector
  4. Wait for a desk to be free - they will check your name and some basic details (did you fill in your form? did you use black ink) and then give you a printed ticket with a number on and tell you which floor to go to
  5. Go to the required floor and wait until your number is called
  6. Go to desk indicated, hand over your form, answer questions, say what speed service you want and receive another piece of paper
  7. Take that piece of paper to a cashier and pay for your passport application - the 4 hour service starts the clock ticking from when you pay.

Full details of their service can be found on the website.

Building Layout

The UKPS are security concious and have an airport style metal detector and X-Ray machine for bags that you must pass your self and bags respectively through before being allowed further into the building. The rooms where you actually speak to people about passport matters are on the first floor and above, and there are lifts.

There are two seperate entrances:

OS X co-ord: 528959     OS Y co-ord: 178810     (Latitude: 51.493023 Longitude: -0.142175)
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