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  • Brewery: Fuller's
  • Nearby Tube stops: [Bromley South Station]? and [Bromley North Station]? for overland trains
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Lots of Fuller's beer. Alan said it was a fairly standard selection for a Fuller's pub. I had London Pride and Summer Ale, and there were two others on draught too. I also saw someone drinking something else Fuller's-y that came in a bottle. The cider was Scrumpy Jack. A round of one London Pride, two Scrumpy Jack, and a diet Pepsi, came to �9. There's a reasonable, but not outstandingly varied, wine list too. [Prices as of June 2002]


This is one of the "Ale & Pie" Fuller's pubs, so it has a section on the menu just for pies. The Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Pie (�6.25) is topped with puff pastry and comes with a side order of either chips or mashed potato. It wasn't bad, just not particularly great. Rob and Alan had the Fish Pie (�6.summat), which was topped with mash and cheese and came with "seasonal vegetables", which turned out to be grey broccoli, tired and over-sweet roasted carrots, and yet more potato in the form of two boiled new potatoes. The other pies were one involving chicken, and Steak, Mushroom and Ale Pie with vegetables and chips (�6.95).

Main courses cost between �5.75 and �7.25, and are generally standard stuff like sausages and mash, and fish and chips. The descriptions on the menu sound posh, but given our experience with the pies, I'd not expect too much out of the ordinary.

There are eleven different sandwiches on offer, costing between �3.50 and �5.95, and also a fairly good range of starters and snacks. Katy had the garlic ciabatta with cheese, and it was good, plenty of garlic flavour, just the right amount of cheese, decent bread, and quite substantial.

[All prices as of June 2002]

Service and Ambience

This is really quite a nice little pub, and a good find for the area (Alan says it's "the pub that no-one actually gets beaten up in"). The clientele seem to be the older types, and Google tells me it's over-21s only.

Layout, Disabled Access and Other Facilities

The inside of the pub is panelled in dark wood and has a stone floor. The main room, with the bar in, has a couple of tall tables with bar stools. There's some standing room too, but it's not one of those places that has a large standing area by the bar for vertical drinking -- in fact, it almost looks as though the placement of the tables was chosen to avoid this. Two other small rooms lead out of this one: the "club room", which on a brief glance looked to live up to its name, a cosy little gentleman's club hideaway; and the "dining room", again a cosy nook with small dining tables and upright chairs. In general, traditional without being forced or kitsch. I like.

There's a small beer garden out the back, with small wrought iron tables and chairs and a couple of patio heaters too. The wall between it and the road is very low, but there didn't seem to be an unpleasant amount of traffic going past. The view is of "the arse-end of Allder's" and Bromley parish church, but this really isn't too bad for London.

Disabled access is really rather good; there's a ramp down from the pub into the garden, the garden can be accessed directly from the street, the whole pub is on one level, and there's a disabled loo right by the front door.

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