Old Street Station

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Lines Served

Northern Line: north <--- Angel <--- Old Street ---> Moorgate ---> south
GN Electrics Line: north <--- Essex Road <--- Old Street ---> Moorgate ---> south


Old Street Station is located in St. Agnes Well, the underground walkway complex and shopping area in the centre of the [Old Street Roundabout]?. It has 8 exits corresponding to each pavement exiting the roundabout.

When you leave the Tube station proper and enter the walkway system, you'll be facing west, with a long corridor stretching south and much shorter ones leading north and west. The long corridor splits into two.

Since January 2003 the roundabout has pedestrian crossings as well as subways, so it's much easier to make your way around it if you do take the wrong exit.

Where To Alight

It's not worth recommending a part of the train to get off, as there are several parts of the platform that lead to exits via staircases.

On the Great Northern line, the best exit is at the front of the second carriage from the front, heading southbound, or at the back of the penultimate carriage, heading northbound.


  • Payphones
  • Photo booth
  • Cashpoint (HSBC)

In the subway area, there are a few sandwich shops, a soup takeaway, a key cutter/ cobblers and a few other places.


Although Angel is shown as northbound, it's actually further to the west of Old Street than it is to the north.

OS X co-ord: 532778     OS Y co-ord: 182557     (Latitude: 51.525815 Longitude: -0.085778)
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