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Park Royal Partnership A place in the west of London. A lot of industry parks and new office developments centring around the old Guiness Brewery. It should be noted that this isn't really a park with grass and trees and the like. However new office, hotel and leisure developments by the Guiness Offices (First Central Business Park) will provide a nature reserve and landscaped park like areas in the near future.

The Grand Union canal runs through the middle of the Park Royal industrial estate. You can walk along it on a towpath.

At the South-West of Park Royal are Hanger Lane and Park Royal stations and then further west is [Perivale]?, east lies Acton.


  • Joice's Irish Bar, W5 3BQ: Towards Park Royal Station (Piccadilly Line) from the Hanger Lane. A little rough around the edges but the only real bar/pub nearby. (I have been in rougher pubs and bars, you might want to go in a group though -Dave) Not too busy most of the time. (Understandable though. -Dave )
  • [Hunters Bar]? A converted video shop on the Hanger Lane gyratory between [Hanger Lane]? and the A40 eastbound. Always busy (not sure why? -Dave ) (Just south of the official Park Royal boundary)


  • [Acton Park Warner Village]?: Further along the A40 eastwards past Park Royal Station. A cinema, bowling and fast food complex.

Neighbouring locales: Acton / [Greenford]? / [Perivale]? / Ealing

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