Locale Isle Of Dogs

The large south-east-north meander in the river downstream to the Tower and Wapping. Mostly reclaimed marshland. Uninhabited for most of London's life (apart from the royal kennels, opposite Greenwich, thought to be the origin of the name).

Small farms gave way to the collosal docks in the 18th-19th centuries. The building of a canal along the top to allow easy access to London Pool (Wapping to London Bridge) for shipping made it an island in fact as well as name. The earth excavated for the docks was run down a chute to form the Muchute - a slightly raised area in the south-east, now home to Mudchute City Farm.

Now home to both the most expensive real estate in Europe (Canary Wharf) and some of the most deprived housing estates in the country.

Fun fact - after the docks were closed in 1980, the Isle of Dogs (IoD to the inhabitants) briefly declared independence from the UK, erecting border posts at Limehouse and the Blacwall Tunnel.

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