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A place in the west of London. People seem to live there. Ealing Broadway Station is the end of both a District Line and Central Line branch. Real trains also stop there on the way from Paddington Station to the west.

North Ealing Station (Piccadilly Line) to Hanger Lane Station (Central Line located in the middle of Hanger Lane gyratory) is a dense residential area of Ealing contained by Acton to the east and the A40 (Western Avenue) to the north. Generally nice houses and blocks of pre 1960's flats. The Hanger Lane end of Ealing is one of the cheaper places in Ealing though still well connected - be careful with your house hunting though, just south of the cheaper area is the most expensive part of Ealing (that near Pitshanger Lane), with deco feel (if not era) flatblocks, and many small houses that have yet to be chopped into flats.

South of Ealing Broadway (where there is a station) is the older part of Ealing, yet again extending as far as Acton, and bordered on the South by the A4 and Brentford. This area is also heavily populated, but more with 2 and 3 floor houses (generally converted into a between 1 and n flats, where n is too many for that house). This area comprises of South Ealing and Northfields. To the East of Ealing Broadway, before you get to Acton is Ealing Common

To the west of the broadway, generally thought of as west of Northfields Avenue/Argyll Road (but a little east of them is often included as well) is the area known as (surprisingly) West Ealing. This continues until hitting [Hanwell]?, to the north of the Uxbridge Road, and Boston Manor, to the south. West Ealing is similar in style to South Ealing and Northfields, but not quite as nice.

Ealing Broadway itself, continuing on to be West Ealing Broadway and Hanwell Broadway with little break in the shops, is part of the variously names Uxbridge Road. There is pretty much every sort of shop you can imagine down here - including bookshops, markets, naughty bookshops, butchers, pubs, army surplus stores and wig shops.



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