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Dulwich is a beautiful island of green in [South London]?. It is a historical place and many of the buildings that were part of this history are still standing today. Those that are not can frequently be found in road names. The name Dulwich is thought to derive from the name Dilwys, meaning a meadow where Dill grows.

Famous people who have lived in Dulwich include Edward Alleyne (an Elizabethan Actor), Charles Barry (Architect of the Houses of Parliament) and the all-round goodie-two-shoes John Ruskin. Alleyne was the founder of the world famous Dulwich College boys school.

Dulwich was also home to the first ever public art gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery. The history of this place is quite an amusing accident. Apparently, a small collection of artwork was collected on the behalf of a King of Poland who passed on before the collection was finished. The paintings found their way to Dulwich College, which didn't know what to do with them. Charles Barry was commissioned to design a building in which to house the paintings, which being the 19th Century, relied heavily on natural light sources. I haven't seen this with my own eyes but I have heard that there is a mausoleum in the middle of the Gallery which houses the coffins of the Barrys... Nice!

Anyway, if you ever get to visit Dulwich, the two most important things you must do are:

1) Go for a walk in Dulwich Park
2) Go for "a couple of pints" in the Crown and Greyhound

Dulwich Park is just the right size for a walk, It's not so big that you might get lost or attacked by wild animals but it is not so small that you see the same things too often. I once saw a flock of parots all feeding in a tree in Dulwich Park, never seen them since. There is also a couple of sculptures by Dame Barbara Hepworth to look out for. As I said, after the park, head down the road to the Crown where you will find a moderate selection of real ale as well as lots of tastey belgian bottled beers. Mmmm. Seating can be a struggle sometimes so if you are planning on going for Sunday lunch get there early (11 - 12ish I would say). Otherwise, they have an excellent wooden bar that you can help to prop up.

To sum up, I whole-heartedly recommend a visit to Dulwich and the surrounding area. In particular, East Dulwich (Lordship Lane) is worth a visit if you prefer you trendier bars and cafes.



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