Locale Archway

Archway is an area in North London immediately north-east of Tufnell Park, north of Holloway and south of Highgate.

A poster on [uk.local.london]? described it as 'dubious', but it is highly convenient, with a good selection of shops and restaurants and tube access just a hair inside of Zone 2. Short walks to Hampstead Heath and Highgate can delude you into thinking the area's quite nice.

The area is named for the bridge spanning Archway Road, fondly (or otherwise) known to locals as 'Suicide Bridge'. Through the rotating spikes which hope to discourage potential jumpers, spectacular views can be seen of central London to the south, and less-spectacular but still rather pretty views of the road into Highgate to the north.

Archway Tower, which looms over the tube station like a shiny outcrop of Hell, dominates the skyline of the area, its gloomy black facade casting a pall that local residents and businesses forever struggle to escape. Plans are under consideration to tear the tower down and replace it with something else - the details of its replacement taking a back seat to the eager universal anticipation of its destruction.

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