La Porchetta

  • 020 7281 2892
  • 147 Stroud Green Road
  • N4 3PZ

Good value small chain of Italian pizzerias. As well as the flagship branch in Finsbury Park, locations are Islington (Upper Street), Clerkenwell ([Rosebery Avenue]?) and Holborn (Boswell Street) ( I believe that the restaurant by the same name in Muswell Hill is part of the chain too) . Well known for low prices, decent food and extremely generous portions. The atmosphere is loud and child-friendly.

Starters include all the Italian classics, and use good-quality ingredients. Unfortunately starters are not usually needed due to main course portions. In particular, on no account should you order more than one portion of garlic bread as this comes as a full-sized garlic pizza with tomato.

Pizzas are �6 or �7 each, and you can add or swap toppings apparently for free -- they are very flexible. Extra rocket with everything! The pizzas are thin, but massive. They are happy for you to order one pizza with two plates, and many people do this.

Pasta dishes are not quite so huge. I've never had a meat or fish option.

To drink there is passable house wine at around �8 per litre, or good Italian lager at somewhere over �2 a bottle.

ERRATUM - I know the guy who wrote the above and he eats like a Sudanese horse. What he calls "not so huge" would fill the mouths of a famine-swept country for 3 days.

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