Japanese Canteen, WC1V 6LS

I'm sure I already wrote this review, so I'll be brief. [Japanese Canteen]? is a small chain aiming to serve Japanese food quickly and conveniently. They do sushi, donburi, ramen, tempura and so on, to eat in or take away. There is quite a bit of seating, on high stools and small tables, and a counter around the edge; maybe space for 20 people.

The system of ordering is simple; You go up to the till and ask for what you want, pay and they hand you a laminated bit of card with a number on it. You have to then wait (somewhere out of the way) until your order is called and you can collect your food. This is the same both eat in and takeaway.

The eel donburi ( 4.95) is good apart from them leaving too many bones in. The salmon teriyaki donburi ( 3.95) is very good; nice crispy skin and a good-sized portion. In general, prices are around 4–6 for a good lunch. It's worth paying the pound or two extra to have a bento box instead of just donburi — you get a very tasty vinegared seaweed and cucumber salad, plus a couple of chunks of nice fruit (orange, melon, lychee).

The sushi is made fresh once daily and tends to run out by the end of lunchtime. It's not bad although one time I had it the salmon didn't seem too fresh. Sushi is priced from 1.95 for nine pieces of vegetarian maki, through 2.95 for four pieces of nigiri (all salmon, or half salmon half tuna), 3.95 for six pieces of nigiri, up to 4.95 for several pieces of mixed nigiri (salmon, tuna, prawn, mackerel, some other stuff). The quantity of fish is generous. Actually I (Kake) think there's too much fish for the amount of rice (yes, this is possible).

[Prices as of May 2003]

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