Glasshouse Stores, W1F 9UJ

Glasshouse Stores


The cellar bar at least has no hand-pulled beers, which makes some people complain. Also no alcopops. They do have the standard Sam Smith's bitters, lager and cider. We think the bitter is �1.60/pint. [Prices as of May 2002]


The menu is quite varied, and includes four vegetarian options: Vegetable Chilli; Yorkshire Pudding with Chickpeas, Spinach and Mushrooms; Veggie Sausages and Mash; and "Thai Vegetable Schnitzel", whatever that is. Main courses cost around �6; there is also a small "specials" menu which is about �1 cheaper. [Prices as of May 2002]

The vegetable chilli isn't at all bad for pub food; mixed beans and (frozen diced) vegetables in a (somewhat thin) tomato sauce. It might even be vegan. Paul thought his pie was fine. Other people didn't like their food. The garlic bread was very odd, vinegary tasting and not nice.

Service and Ambience

We were in the cellar bar between about 7--10pm, on a Tuesday evening. There was a nice atmosphere, quiet, peaceful and non-aggressive. The bartender was friendly and helpful. The cellar bar itself is nooky and bricky and nice. (Photo taken from one of the nooks.)


The cellar bar is essentially divided into two halves, one of which has the nooks described above, and the other is larger and more open, with low tables and small armchairs and sofas. See also the ASCII diagram of the cellar bar sent to the London Perl Mongers mailing list by Kake.


The cellar bar is bookable in whole (for approximately 100 people) or in part (for fewer), given a deposit of �50. The deposit is returned "if you spent enough".

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