Gili Gulu, WC2H 9EP

  • 020 7379 6888
  • 50-52, Monmouth St (map of this place)
  • WC2H 9EP
  • Mon-Thu 12:00-15:00 & 17:30-23:00, Fri-Sun 12:00-23:30

Conveyor belt type sushi place

Closed and sold to the Rossopomodoro chain --Kake

The main point of this place is the All You Can Eat menu for �13.95, although they also offer a more limited menu where you can have a certain number of pieces of sushi for �7.50, and they sell individual pieces of sushi as well. However, they do state that everyone in a party must choose the same menu - ie, if one person has the buffet, everyone does...


The sushi itself is not of a particularly high quality and is fairly basic - mainly salmon, eel and random white fish, as well as a little bit of scarily pink tuna, as well as seafood stick, cucumber rolls and egg based stuff. The rice is particular is really not very good. It's badly cooked and too sweet. No wonder they need to put notices up around the place saying that they'll charge extra money if you take any food and then don't eat it all.

They also have salads, seaweed, gyoza (which are really quite tasty), beans and other random bits and pieces going around. (As of 2004-09-21, the tuna was mashed from a tin, and they had sweetcorn rolls; but there was a reasonable amount of "real" sushi too. Seconded on the gyoza. Don't let "not of a particularly high quality" put you off - think of it as a sushi greasy spoon. - Roger) (Fourteen quid is quite a lot of money for a greasy spoon meal though. I didn't think it was worth the price --Kake)

They mark the different plates - green vegetarian, blue cooked, other "your guess is as good as mine" - and they do pretty well at keeping a good mix.

The all you can eat menu does allegedly include anything off their noodle menu, but they are very slow to bring it - asking several times does normally seem to work. (On 2004-09-21 this was not the case - the noodles came very quickly. - Roger)


They have a selections of wines, beers and soft drinks - but nothing out of the ordinary.


The restaurant has two conveyor belts: the one on the right as you walk in is kinked and everyone sits at the belt. The one to the left is straight and has tables on one side, where the 2 people closest to the belt will need to do the grabbing, and seating at the belt on the other.

The bathrooms are downstairs.


All in all, this is not a place to go if you want an incredible sushi experience. However, if you don't mind the fact that the sushi is not the best and that the service isn't great, the all you can eat tag does cover a lot of sins, and being full after a sushi meal is a rare occurence.

(Latitude: 51.512745 Longitude: -0.125705)
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