Feng Sushi, SW10 9NB

  • Nearby Tube stops: [Parsons Green Station]? / Fulham Broadway
  • Delivery: Free to SW1, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW10, and SW11

Delivery details

One of the nice things about this place is that you can order either online or over the phone. You can pay by credit or debit card, giving the details when you order, and signing the slip when the delivery arrives.

We usually order on a Friday night, and delivery tends to take an hour and a bit — but once it came in about half an hour. Their estimated delivery times are pretty accurate, and if you order online they'll phone you to let you know how long it will take.


In general, highly recommended.

The house special is Gravad Lax with Pesto (£3.00 for two pieces of nigiri); an odd combination, but not bad, and Dave W likes it very much.

The best value to make up part of an order for sharing is perhaps the 22-piece sushi box for £15, which contains 2 salmon, 2 tuna, 2 prawn, 2 mackerel, and 2 squid nigiri, plus 6 cucumber and 6 tuna maki rolls. In general we usually end up spending around £10—13 per person for a very ample amount of sushi.

The quality and ratio of more expensive ingredients (such as fish) to cheaper ones (such as rice) are both very good — but the amount of fish isn't overdone as it can be in some places. Just right.

The tuna maki rolls (£4.00 for six pieces) have lots of tuna in; not mean at all. The handrolls (£3.50 each) are also very good, with fish all the way down.

The eel nigiri is the nicest eel Kake has had anywhere. Well-flavoured, no bones, rich texture and the small dab of teryaki sauce sets it off perfectly.

doop wasn't fussed on the squid nigiri — possibly more to do with an indifference to squid sushi rather than the sushi itself.

Soy sauce supplied in box was OK, as were wee packets of wasabi and gari. All maki and nigiri boxes come with grated radish and several excitingly-coloured sorts of pickled ginger inside.

Edamame are £2.50 for quite a large portion and are not bad at all.

[Prices as of June 2003]

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