Covent Garden Station

  • WC2E 9LQ

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Lines Served

west[[Leicester Square Station|Leicester Square]] Garden'[Holborn]?''


Note that it is not worthwhile changing to the Piccadilly Line at Leicester Square Station, just to get to Covent Garden. The stations are two minutes walk apart.


Note that since it has lifts instead of escalators, it will be closed in the event of a firefighters' strike; strikes are planned for late October and early November 2002.

Not really got much to say about this, except that in the lifts on the way up there are recorded announcements saying to make sure you have your ticket ready as soon as you get out of the lift, and which way to turn on the way out for Covent Garden Market. I thought this was very helpful as a very occasional user of the station, but I bet it'd really piss you off if you had to get off here every day.

Due to the sheer number of people in the area, you can't enter this station between 1pm and 5pm on a Saturday, only leave. On the other hand, Leicester Square station is very close to Covent Garden; use that instead.

Don't arrange to meet anyone 'just outside Covent Garden tube' as you will find half of London has done exactly the same.

Where To Alight

  • Piccadilly line eastbound: last-but-one carriage.


  • Four lifts, no escalators (Emergency staircase of 193 stairs).

(Latitude: 51.512382 Longitude: -0.122693)
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