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A Yorkshire brewery that owns a chain of well-regarded pubs around London (and beyond). Often known as 'man-in-box' pubs due to their range of beers with distinctive tap handles.


Samuel Smith's pubs stock a range of rather decent beers at incredibly low (for London) prices, making them very popular.

  • The range includes some quite good German-style beers; the [Ayingerbrau Lager]? (commonly ordered as "pint of man-in-box") is a perfectly reasonable example of the style, especially compared to most "continental lagers" sold in Britain. Alarmingly, the man seems to be on his way out - the beer is being quietly re-branded (or perhaps de-branded). Fight the power!
  • The hefe weisse is a delicious summer drink, served in a distinctive tall glass.
  • A range of interesting bottled beers are also available.

One striking quirk of Sam Smith's is that all the drinks - all the drinks - are own-brand. This is to be expected for draught beers, but is it rather more surprising to see own-brand versions (and they are essentially straight copies) of Newcastle Brown Ale, Coke and Southern Comfort!


Food at Samuel Smith's pubs is variable. See the individual entries for details.

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