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London still has a vibrant dance music night club scene over a decade after "Acid House".

The leading area is probably Brixton with an excellent selection of late night (until 6am) clubs playing the less commercial side of music, which despite changing its name every year (trance, hard house and now hard trance) still sounds the same. There may even be "garidge" clubs there but I don't know about them.

There is no dress code (apart from the CyberDog clones) and you could literally wear anything to have probably incoherent conversations with Australians.

If you go to one club in London it probably should be the Fridge on Brixton High Street which is left out of the tube station, past the now excessively high number of aggressive street drug dealers, across the road and past the McDonalds. The main drawbacks of the Fridge are that the dance floor gets very crowded and there isn't really a chill out area.

Mass is also very good and is a converted Church opposite the Fridge where the DJ performs in front of a stained glass window. Mass seems like a bit of a warren of passages and rooms which is great to wander around mashed up.

The Brixton Academy is the other way from the tube station and is a really massive venue with a ceiling so high up and dark it looks like open sky and with fake castle battlements around the edges. Unfortunately the floor at the back slants down very steeply which is hard to dance on. The Academy can be really good, but it's a very large venue to fill and only some nights manage to pull it off and achieve that Atmosphere and Vibe which makes a good club so good. Therefore its a bit hit and miss.

And if you actually like music that isn't high-nrg hard house banging on all night, don't go to Mass or Fridge... ugh.

Hey, I like high-nrg hard house banging on all night!

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