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Excepting the curry capitals - places like Bradford and South Birmingham, London offers the best selections of the varieties of Indian food in the UK.

Chicken Tikka Masala is apparently Britain's favourite food. It is interesting to note that this dish was not invented in India, but in Sheffield. It took the English palate to suggest combining kebabbed chicken with a masala sauce.

It is also worth noting that owing to the religions, you will never be served pork in an Indian restaurant.

Punjabi (Sikh) Food

The traditional images that springs to mind when thinking of Indian restaurants, has turban clad waiters, and offers a range of curries of differing strength.

Hindu Vegetarian Food

Being forbidden to eat meat, the Hindus bring excellent variety of spices to wholesome vegetarian dishes. These include Bhel Poori.

South Indian and Sri Lankan Cuisine

The South of India offers a range of interesting vegetarian dishes that you do not see in a normal Bhel Poori house. Many South Indian restaurants also offer meat dishes.

Goan Cuisine

Goa, being coastal, offers some interesting fish dishes, and overlaps with South Indian food.

Muslim Indian Food

Many Indian restaurants cook halal meat, and offer some dishes and spices that are in common with Mediterranean and Arabic countries.

Wiki Note

It is not worth making each of the types of food above into categories (IMO). However, this page serves as a guide for people reviewing restaurants. The list above is not definitive. Please feel free to add to it, enlarge the entries and/or correct any inaccuracies. --IvorW

It is always useful to know the type of food, origin, and religion of the restaurant staff. If the restaurant is not busy, the waiters and manager will usually be overjoyed to talk about this - especially if you let them know that you intend to write them up on a website!

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