Category Greasy Spoons

Greasy fried food served on chipped Formica tabletops. The ne plus ultra of British cuisine.

[Rosa's]? near the old Truman Brewery is pretty good, although, of course, everyone has their favourite local one (that just happened to be mine for a year or so).

Tis my (DrHyde's) favourite too. The food is top-notch, with damned good tea to wash it down with. They do have some non-greasy items on the menu, but they are to be avoided. Anyway, if you want something different, there's several stalls in the nearby Spitalfields Market.

That area in general is good for greasy spoons - there are several excellent ones round the top end of [Shoreditch High Street]?, including Titanic here and Taste of China (takeaway only, here).

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