Canary Wharf Station

Canary Wharf Tube station

Lines Served

west <--- Canada Water <--- Canary Wharf ---> North Greenwich ---> east

Huge, with about a million escalators. See blech's Canary Wharf station photos. The entrance is really neat, like a giant molehill.

If you like shiny things, go and look at this. Travel there on the Tube, during daylight hours, but not at rush hour. Marvel at the many internal escalators, boggle at the number of ticket gates, and feel yourself entering a brave new world as you leave via the long, shiny, sunlit exit escalators. Then turn to your right and look up.

If you're changing to the DLR, particularly if you're heading south, bear left and walk to [Heron Quays Station]?; it's a shorter walk than to Canary Wharf DLR, and you don't have to possibly go through an overpriced shopping mall on the way.

Canary Wharf DLR station

Real Time Information

north <--- West India Quay <--- Canary Wharf ---> [Heron Quays]? ---> south

Canary Wharf DLR station is directly below the 1 Canada Square tower. The stations on this part of the DLR are very close together - it is literally a stone's throw from West India Quay Station and [Heron Quays Station]?. You might well be wondering why they bothered building three stations. The answer is that there is (or was, until they filled in the docks to produce more land for office buildings) water between them, and a reasonable walk.

In both directions, the station has a platform on either side of the track. The doors open on both sides of the train. Keeping on the same level as the train takes you into the first floor of the Canada Square shopping mall (when leaving a southbound train), and Cabot Square shopping plaza (when leaving a northbound train). The shopping malls connect on the ground floor, with staircases leading to the middle platforms of the DLR.

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